Community Movie Night

Community Movie Night is a time to reconnect with our DCS Montessori friends after the summer and celebrate the start of a new school year. It is also a chance to get excited about MEF’s annual Fun Run, our largest fundraising event of the year. 

Fun Run

kids running at funrun

The annual Fun Run is our most significant fundraising event of the year garnering $50,000 to $75,000 in support for our school. The Fun Run is a fundraiser in which all students have the opportunity to secure sponsor donations in support of their commitment to run alongside their classmates in a 10-minute running event at the school. The MEF has proudly organized and hosted the Fun Run each year since its inception in 2011 and strives to create a fun and rewarding event for our entire school community. The students love the excitement surrounding this event. They are all afforded the opportunity to participate, from getting their own Fun Run t-shirt, to running the laps and even winning prizes for their efforts!

The Fun Run kicks off in late August or early September. The running event is usually scheduled for mid-September. 

Spirit Nights

Local restaurants and businesses host DCS Montessori Spirit Nights. A portion of proceeds or donations goes directly to MEF. Spirit Nights are a great way to support our community businesses while also fundraising for DCSM. 

Spring Fundraising Event

Whether students are working to meet a reading or writing goal, the spring fundraising event is a chance to show off how far they’ve come. Students work toward raising funds for things like new Montessori materials and teacher training.