Read 4 Funds

DCSM’s first Read A Thon is underway!! From April 9th to April 24th we are encouraging reading throughout our entire community to help the school raise $35,000! The website to make a donation or to log your time is . You can see the donations you have received by visiting the website and using the password that was sent to your parent’s e-mail. If you missed the email or have questions please contact us at .

Important dates: April 9th is the beginning of the campaign. Wednesday, April 14th is the early bird turn in deadline for an additional prize. Friday the 16th early bird prizes will be awarded. Friday April 24th is the deadline for all donations and reading times to be entered. There are prizes for getting donations, please check the website for specifics. May 4th is prize day when all final prizes will be distributed.

We are raising these funds to support our school in 3 ways: Fund teacher training: We pay to send prospective teachers to Montessori training at MECR. Next we are finishing up the last steps to fund the reading and writing program. Finally we are raising funds to support the new garden curriculum that will launch next fall. Thank you for your support to make this a great place for our kids to learn!